Application Toolkit: Strategic Innovation Fund – Steel and Aluminum

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Support to Canada's Steel and Aluminum Sectors

As announced on June 29, 2018, and in response to additional tariffs imposed by the United States, the Government of Canada will offer up to $250 million in new support through the Strategic Innovation Fund to help bolster the competitiveness of Canadian manufacturers and better integrate the Canadian supply chain of steel and aluminum. Find out more about this announcement here: Canada stands up for our steel and aluminum workers and industry

Changes to the Strategic Innovation Fund

As announced in late February 2018, in the federal budget, the Strategic Innovation Fund will now focus its support on larger projects (over $10 million in requested contribution). If you submitted an application for a smaller project prior to Budget 2018, your application remains valid and will be assessed. Also, be advised that a new Statement of Interest (SOI) form is currently available and should now be used to submit your application.

Step 1: Statement of Interest (SOI)

Steel and Aluminum applicants should:

  1. Read the Statement of Interest Guide

    The Statement of Interest Guide has been developed to assist in the completion of a Statement of Interest Form to the Strategic Innovation Fund. Applicants are encouraged to review the Statement of Interest Guide in conjunction with the Steel and Aluminum Overview.

  2. Download the Strategic Innovation Fund Statement of Interest Form

    Applicants must download (save offline), complete and submit the Strategic Innovation Fund Statement of Interest Form. Instructions on how to complete the Form are available in the Statement of Interest Guide.

Step 2: Full Application

After the Step 1 review is complete, applicants will be provided feedback on whether the Statement of Interest indicates potential for funding from the Strategic Innovation Fund and if advancing to Step 2 is advisable.

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