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National Stream

Organization Project Description Funding Amount
(up to…)
Asia Pacific Foundation The project will focus on addressing barriers faced by women entrepreneurs looking to access growth opportunities across the Asian markets by organizing and leading international trade missions. $1,754,836
Manitoba Women's Enterprise Centre Inc. The project will establish a centralized, national headquarters for the Women's Enterprise Organizations of Canada to deliver focused, business-growth services to Canadian women entrepreneurs, including business training opportunities, export and trade support, pathfinding services and advocacy. $2,254,000
National Aboriginal Capital Corp. Association (NACCA) The project will develop capacity, tools and supports for Indigenous women to undertake entrepreneurship to build or grow a business as well as develop a proof of concept for an Indigenous women’s microfinance fund. $1,200,000
Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) The project aims to support the Native Women's Association of Canada to develop an incubator program to assist and provide ongoing mentorships, networking opportunities, workshops and resources to Indigenous, Two Spirit and gender-diverse entrepreneurs. $1,199,911
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada The project focuses on supporting Inuit women entrepreneurs by sustaining and enhancing existing networking and mentorships initiatives while identifying and addressing Inuit women’s key economic development issues and priorities. $2,014,054
Restigouche CBDC Inc. The project's goal is to increase the volume of women entrepreneurs who access business financing by providing tools, awareness and training to loan officers to ensure a better understanding of the specific needs and barriers that women entrepreneurs face. $2,170,000
SheEO The project will enable SheEO to expand its existing programs and services across Canada to help women entrepreneurs access non-traditional financing along with customized training. $2,500,000
Total funding
Total WES Ecosystem National Fund Projects:
Total WES Ecosystem National Funding (up to…):

Regional Stream

Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Banff Television Festival Foundation Calgary The project aims to develop the Banff Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media, which will empower women entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses within the screen-based industries. $1,993,000
Momentum Community Economic Development Society Calgary The project objective is to deliver a ‘Women in Business by Design’ program which will provide business development training to vulnerable women in the Calgary area. $1,373,379
Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Association Edmonton This project will launch a new digital business training program for women entrepreneurs. $1,140,000
Lethbridge Economic Development Initiative Society (Economic Development Lethbridge) Lethbridge The aim of this project is to develop a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) centric community of practice that includes mentors, entrepreneur service providers and trainers, angel investors, and venture capitalists to embrace emerging technologies and innovation. $1,681,080
Community Futures Lloydminster and Region Development Corp. Lloydminster The project objective is to create and enhance incubator space in rural and remote northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan to promote entrepreneurship to under represented women. $1,096,000
Community Futures Central Alberta Red Deer The project will focus on the creation of an Indigenous entrepreneurship program which will be delivered in rural and remote areas in central Alberta. $183,300
British Columbia
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Women's Enterprise Centre Kelowna The objective of this project is to improve the competitiveness of diverse women entrepreneurs impacted by geographical, sectoral and demographic representation. Activities will enable enhanced export readiness, finance, technology, business and networking skills, and provide mentorship opportunities. $2,700,000
Community Futures Development Corp. of Fraser Fort George Prince George The focus of the project is to support the creation and implementation of a business resource center for women entrepreneurs in Northern British Columbia. $745,000
Community Futures Shuswap Salmon Arm The project will support the delivery of business advisory services (e.g. small business training and knowledge transfer activities etc.), to diverse groups of women entrepreneurs, such as women with disabilities, Indigenous and Metis women, immigrants, and women located in the Shuswap Region of British Columbia (Tsuts'weye Project). $476,280
Groundswell Education Society Vancouver The project will focus on social entrepreneurship programs specifically targeting underserved, diverse women (LGBTQ+, immigrant, Indigenous or low income) in order to address gaps in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women, including practical business education instruction, workshops, and mentorship. $400,000
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Vancouver The project will develop an entrepreneurship program tailored for visible minority and recent immigrant women. Activities will include one-on-one business coaching, group-based workshops, networking and training activities, mentoring, and the creation of a business centre and website to provide in-person services and online support. $1,500,000
Community Futures North Okanagan Vernon The project objective is to develop and deliver a business scale-up program for women entrepreneurs within the Okanagan region of British Columbia. $575,000
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Community Futures Parkland Inc. Grandview The project will aim to close service gaps in the ecosystem unique to rural and northern women entrepreneurs. This objective will be met by establishing rural business “Hubs” which will provide services such as tools, resources, training, and mentorship. $1,215,000
Manitoba Women's Enterprise Centre Inc. Winnipeg The project objective is to improve competitiveness of diverse women entrepreneurs impacted by geographical location, culture and sector representation and will aim to close the entrepreneurship ecosystem gaps faced by rural and remote-based entrepreneurs. $1,513,900
SEED Winnipeg Inc. Winnipeg The project will aim to provide opportunities in skill building, networking, matchmaking, and mentorship in order to strengthen business and entrepreneurial skills in diverse women's communities. The a focus will be on low-income, financially vulnerable Indigenous and newcomer women. $664,612
Newfoundland and Labrador
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs St. John's The project will target women in underrepresented groups and sectors to help scale up and diversify their products/services, through services such as skills training in finances, operations management, new market identification, exporting, networking, mentoring and human resources. $1,940,292
New Brunswick
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick Inc. Moncton This project aims to develop and implement a provincial program to support women throughout the process of taking over a business. Activities will include the adaptation of tools to meet individual needs, as well as leveraging resources and services already offered in the ecosystem. Efforts will focus on community economic development in New Brunswick’s Acadian and Francophone communities and businesses in underrepresented traditional sectors (e.g. manufacturing sector). $1,211,595
Nova Scotia
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Centre for Women in Business Halifax The project objective is to develop and deliver an intensive management program called Greater Heights for Growth (GHG). The program will target women-owned high-growth businesses. $2,015,600
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Bancroft This project, in collaboration with the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nations, will provide customized training to Indigenous women entrepreneurs residing in the remote region of the Algonquin community. The Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nations will host training sessions from their centre to help women start and scale-up their businesses and leverage resources, such as training material from the CFDC. $266,250
Haltech Regional Innovation Centre Burlington The project will create an accelerator to help diverse women entrepreneurs to scale-up and reach global markets. Activities will include training sessions through cohort-based programming and mentorship opportunities. $307,800
Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation Cobourg This project will support the development of a fintech algorithmic coding platform; its aim is to correct bias and advance gender equality for women entrepreneurs applying for loans through the Community Futures Program Investment Fund. The project will also provide women entrepreneurs access to working space and business advisory/counselling services. $1,436,500
LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation Gore Bay This project will stimulate women-owned and women-led business start-up and scale-up by increasing their access to business development supports throughout the region. Women will be connected to industry experts to address their specific growth needs. $1,375,000
Innovation Guelph Resource Centre Guelph This project seeks to develop and accelerate the “growth to scale” of women-led companies through customized mentoring, facilitated learning and skill-building training and market development. Innovation Guelph and partners will run the proposed program with a focus on STEM, rural and social enterprises. Diverse women entrepreneurs to be supported include refugees, immigrants, and Indigenous women. $1,879,983
The Hamilton Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA Hamilton) Hamilton This project will support women with business training and coaching to successfully start up or grow their own small businesses. $1,015,641
Société de développement communautaire de Prescott-Russell Hawkesbury This project will deliver entrepreneurial programming, services and provide easier access to capital for women entrepreneurs in Official Languages Minority Communities (OLMC’s) in southern Ontario. Activities will develop a new network of women in business through strategic alliances with Francophone and bilingual stakeholders in various and diverse sectors. $955,128
Ontario East Economic Development Commission Kingston The project aims to promote, launch, deliver, and evaluate a Women's Virtual Entrepreneurship Incubator Pilot Project, which includes on-line training, workshops, virtual one-on-one discussions, and access to networking, matchmaking and mentoring via virtual activities. $823,000
Queen’s University at Kingston Kingston The project will deliver a suite of programming for women in tech and indigenous women entrepreneurs that will accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and will include mentorship and matchmaking services within the regional ecosystem. $3,267,616
Pillar Nonprofit Network London The project will aim to broaden and diversify the entrepreneurial ecosystem supporting women entrepreneurs. Inclusion of Indigenous knowledge/practices across programming, support and expansion of women-led social enterprises, training sessions and access to capital will be integral activities. $3,585,303
ventureLAB Innovation Centre Markham This project will aim to increase the number of women led tech companies that specifically build software or hardware-enabled solutions for various priority economic sectors. Activities will include the development of training materials, delivery of a cohort-based program for female tech founders and mentorship opportunities. $1,716,835
Tecumseh Community Development Corporation Sarnia The project objective is to deliver the Pathway to Personal Success program with an aim to foster stronger economic development growth by utilizing a holistic approach to assist, equip and enable women entrepreneurs from varying diverse groups. $337,000
PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise Thunder Bay The Enterprising Indigenous Women project will support Indigenous women in remote and rural communities to start and scale-up their businesses. PARO will provide holistic business and entrepreneurship supports and training to facilitate business start and/or scale in growth sectors such as mining, forestry, transportation, and power. $1,433,031
Canadian Film Centre Toronto The project will deliver an incubation program that will accelerate 200 women-led companies in southern Ontario’s digital media ecosystem through specialized boot camp training sessions, demonstration events to showcase products and companies, and networking. $3,395,000
Elizabeth Fry Society (Elizabeth Fry Toronto) Toronto The project will initiate a second cohort of My Start-Up to support marginalized women who may have struggled with mental health issues or conflict with law to launch their own viable business. $1,002,004
York University Toronto This project will develop and deliver the Fempower program, which will support women entrepreneurs by providing business education and resources, female centred supports, real solutions to overcome barriers, access to resources, and networking. $1,868,400
Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo The project will utilize existing incubation/acceleration space to offer support to women entrepreneurs at the early start-up stage and those looking to accelerate and scale their businesses, focusing on the non-tech sectors and those creating social enterprises. $1,385,000
WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation Windsor This project will encourage women entrepreneurs to start and grow emerging technology businesses, such as agri-food, automation, automotive and mobility. $692,000
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Collège d'Alma Alma The project will aim to support COlab, which works to train and mentor women entrepreneurs in a 4.0 digital culture framework. $912,631
Fédération des agricultrices du Québec Longueuil The project aims to implement an adapted program to support access to networking and mentoring activities for women entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. $456,961
Association Communautaire d'Emprunt de Montréal (Microcrédit Montréal) Montréal The project aims to offer a support service adapted to immigrant women in order to develop their entrepreneurial potential. $1,461,000
École des entrepreneurs du Québec Montréal The project will aim to stimulate the creation and growth of women-led businesses with a cohort approach and tailor-made solutions in all regions of Québec. $3,262,070
Youth Employment Services Foundation Montréal The project aims to support Official Languages Minority Communities (OLMC) women start and grow their SMEs in all regions of Quebec through the delivery of Youth Employment Services's ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Project. $1,260,000
Femmessor Québec Québec The project aims to provide support and facilitate access to financing for women entrepreneurs in under-represented sectors, diverse women, rural and remote areas and those in their early stages of growth. $5,735,823
Organization City/Town Project Description Funding Amount (up to...)
Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. Saskatoon The project will help women entrepreneurs in the food processing sector by creating business development services such as mentoring, networking, coaching, and training. $1,000,000
Saskatoon Open Door Society Inc. Saskatoon The project will support the creation of a business incubator and start-up business training services for newcomer and recent immigrant women entrepreneurs. $999,219
Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc. Saskatoon This project will aim to develop and deliver a new program called "The Exchange," which will focus on scaling up existing women-owned businesses in Saskatchewan. $1,560,000
Total funding
Total WES Ecosystem Regional Fund Projects:
Total WES Ecosystem Regional Funding (up to…):
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