Successful applicants of the WES Ecosystem Fund

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Successful WES Regional Ecosystem projects are currently being announced. The list of successful recipients on the website will be updated as announcements are made over the coming weeks. All applicants will receive notification of their project's status in writing.

National Stream

Organization Project Description Funding Amount
(up to…)
Asia Pacific Foundation The project will focus on addressing barriers faced by women entrepreneurs looking to access growth opportunities across the Asian markets by organizing and leading international trade missions. $1,754,836
Manitoba Women's Enterprise Centre Inc. The project will establish a centralized, national headquarters for the Women's Enterprise Organizations of Canada to deliver focused, business-growth services to Canadian women entrepreneurs, including business training opportunities, export and trade support, pathfinding services and advocacy. $2,254,000
Restigouche CBDC Inc. The project's goal is to increase the volume of women entrepreneurs who access business financing by providing tools, raising awareness and training to loan officers to ensure a better understanding of the specific needs and barriers that women entrepreneurs face. $2,170,000
SheEO The project will enable SheEO to expand its existing programs and services across Canada to help women entrepreneurs access non-traditional financing along with customized training. $2,500,000
Total funding
Total WES Ecosystem National Fund Projects:
Total WES Ecosystem National Funding (up to…):

Regional Stream

Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
Banff Television Festival Foundation Calgary $1,993,000
British Columbia
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
Women's Enterprise Centre Kelowna $2,700,000
Community Futures Shuswap Salmon Arm $476,280
Groundswell Education Society Vancouver $400,000
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Vancouver $1,500,000
Community Futures North Okanagan Vernon $575,000
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
Community Futures Parkland Inc. Grandview $1,215,000
Manitoba Women's Enterprise Centre Inc. Winnipeg $1,513,900
SEED Winnipeg Inc. Winnipeg $664,612
Newfoundland and Labrador
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs St. John's $1,940,292
Nova Scotia
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
Centre for Women in Business Halifax $2,015,600
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation Gore Bay $1,375,000
Organization City/Town Funding Amount (up to...)
École des entrepreneurs du Québec Montréal $3,262,070
Total funding
Total WES Ecosystem Regional Fund Projects:
Total WES Ecosystem Regional Funding (up to…):
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