Tourism in Canada

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Canada's visitor economy is a fast-growing sector that provides economic benefits and good middle-class jobs in every region of the country.

Tourism is Canada's hidden jewel. We value our soaring mountain peaks and jagged coastlines. We're fascinated by our dazzling northern lights and turquoise, glacier-fed lakes. But it's easy to overlook the smiling hotel clerk, the proud chef, the reassuring flight captain or the animated tour guide. We know that it's people who are at the heart of the success of Canada's visitor economy.

Canada's new tourism strategy

Canada is drawing visitors at a record pace. Yet the opportunity for growth exceeds these trends. The time has come to harness the full economic potential of this key sector of our economy. That's why the Government of Canada, working with Canadians, the tourism sector and other levels of government, will develop a new federal tourism strategy to unlock Canada's potential.

Message from the Minister

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"The people who make up Canada's vibrant tourism industry work hard every day to showcase the best our country has to offer. They are our business owners, entrepreneurs, tourism operators and service industry professionals who dedicate their lives to welcoming visitors from around the world and demonstrating the richness of Canada's landscapes, people and cultures. They all have a story to tell on how to grow Canada's tourism capacity while creating new jobs.

I, along with government tourism partners, want to hear those stories.

This is why we will be engaging with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Their ideas and experiences will help us develop a new federal tourism strategy that will help create more jobs and opportunities for a stronger middle class.

These conversations coincide with the launch of the Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy, chaired by the distinguished Frank McKenna, former premier of New Brunswick. I am confident that the Council and the tourism community will help identify and address the issues facing this important sector so that we can further its potential, create new jobs and open our doors even wider to the world.

I look forward to meeting with Canadians to talk about their vision and ideas to grow Canada's visitor economy. We know that by working together, we will be able to harness the full economic potential of this key sector and create good middle-class jobs."

Mélanie Joly
Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie

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Everyone has a story to tell about how we can grow Canada's tourism capacity while creating new jobs. We want to hear those stories.

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November 17, 2018: Canadian artists, chefs and entrepreneurs provide Minister Joly with valuable ideas on growing tourism, creating jobs
November 12, 2018: Minister Joly creates the Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy to maximize Canada's tourism potential

Advisory council

The Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy consists of business owners, entrepreneurs, tourism operators and professionals who recognize the economic importance of the tourism sector. The Council will identify important issues facing the tourism sector in Canada. It will also recommend new ways to increase Canadian tourism opportunities and competitiveness globally.

Canada's tourism sector

Tourism represents 2% of Canada's gross domestic product. It supports one in ten jobs in Canada, or 1.8 million people. It attracts more than $20 billion a year in spending by international visitors. It provides more direct jobs than the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, auto manufacturing and aerospace industries combined. And tourism's benefits are spread throughout the country, both in urban and rural areas.

All regions of Canada benefited from the $97.5 billion in tourism revenue generated in 2017 from domestic and international tourists. Tourism also provides unique opportunities for women entrepreneurs, youth and Indigenous communities.

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