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From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

CyberSecure Canada eLearning Series

CyberSecure Canada offers a free eLearning series designed to support small and medium organizations (SMOs) to obtain their CyberSecure certification and improve their cybersecurity knowledge.

Each module is designed to:

Learners will get:

There is a recommended order to ensure learners benefit the most from the series, but modules can be completed in any order. Each module is designed to be a standalone course but learners are encouraged to complete all of the modules to improve their cyber awareness and resilience.

1. Introduction to certification

Introduces learners to the eLearning series

2. Automatically patch operating systems and applications

Provides guidance on the Cataloguing of Digital Assets

3. Secure your system

Start securing your systems with any of courses below:

4. Develop an Incident Response Plan

Create a plan on how to respond and mitigate a cyber incident

5. Provide Employee Awareness Training

Create a training plan to educate your employees on cyber security

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