CyberSecure Canada Certification Display Requirements

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

CyberSecure Certification Mark

Certification means, to provide official recognition of compliance to an accepted standard. A certification mark is the symbol or object used to demonstrate this compliance.

The CyberSecure Canada certification mark will give certified businesses official recognition by the federal government for demonstrating their compliance to the baseline security controls.

The certification mark provides an easy way for customers, investors, partners and suppliers to identify a business that has worked to decrease their cyber risk by meeting the CyberSecure standard.

As a consumer, you can expect to the see the certification mark on business websites and storefronts.

As a business owner, you have the option of using the CyberSecure Canada certification mark decals (interior and exterior) as well as the digitial certification mark on a website to show that you meet a minimum security requirement.

The Certification mark symbol meaning:

Long description below.
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Cybersecure Logo Elements

The elements of the CyberSecure Canada certification mark with red lines pointing to the various aspects of the design with a word description. The elements described are:

  • CyberSecure Canada is the name of the federal cyber certification program. The year on the certification mark represents the year of expiration.
  • The year on the certification mark represents the year of expiration.
  • The lock is a universally recognized shape that emphasizes security, protection and safety.
  • The red maple leaf represents the Government of Canada
  • The circuitry represents the cyber aspect of CyberSecure Canada.


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C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0
K: 100

R: 0
G: 0
B: 0

HEX 00000

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C: 0
M: 100
Y: 100
K: 0

R: 155
G: 62
B: 28


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