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High-speed Internet for all of Canada

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

All Canadians, no matter where they live, need high-speed Internet to connect with family, keep up at school, run a business and access essential medical services. That's why the Government of Canada has programs under way to connect Canadians living in rural and remote areas, aiming to connect 98% of Canadians to high-speed Internet by 2026, an increase from the previous commitment of 95% of Canadians in Canada's Connectivity Strategy, and all Canadians by 2030.

The Universal Broadband Fund is now open!

The $1.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund is now accepting applications for broadband projects.

Find out about the Universal Broadband Fund

We welcome your feedback via email about Internet service availability in your area.

Do you want to know who the service providers are and where we are already investing in projects to improve Internet speeds? Check out the National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map.

Are you interested in knowing the approximate Internet speed that you are getting at your house?  Please visit the Canadian Internet Registration Authority's (CIRA)  "My Internet Performance Test/ISED" to do a speed test.

Programs and initiatives

The Government of Canada has several programs supporting high-speed Internet access for all Canadians, especially in rural and remote communities.

Program or Initiative Description
Universal Broadband Fund

The new Universal Broadband Fund will provide up to $1.75 billion over 7 years to support broadband projects across Canada. This includes funding for a diversity of projects, including large scale, high-impact projects as well as projects that provide mobile to benefit Indigenous peoples. There is also a Rapid Response Stream for broadband projects that can be completed quickly. The Universal Broadband Fund has been designed to meet the unique needs of rural and remote communities. Applications are being accepted for Rapid Response Stream until January 15, 2021 and for other Universal Broadband Fund projects until February 15, 2021.

Find out more about the Rapid Response Stream. Find out more about the Universal Broadband Fund.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Capacity Agreement

Budget 2019 committed $600 million to secure capacity on LEO satellites focused on connecting the most challenging areas in Canada to high-speed Internet at speeds of at least 50/10 Mbps. As part of a funding agreement, Telesat will make LEO capacity available to Internet service providers (ISPs) in designated remote and satellite-dependent communities at a reduced, fixed price per month, following the planned launch of its constellation in late 2022.

Visit the  Telesat LEO website to find out more, including how to purchase LEO capacity.

Connect to Innovate

Launched in 2016, the Connect to Innovate program is supporting over 220 different projects across Canada, which have the potential to impact 400,000 households. When completed, these projects will bring high-speed Internet access to approximately 975 rural and remote communities, including 190 Indigenous communities. Most projects are currently in the building phase, and many are expected to be completed in 2020.

Visit the Connect to Innovate page to find out more, including where projects have been announced. You can also visit our Connect to Innovate Program — Project status updates to determine the stage projects are at in your community.

Connecting Canadians

Since 2015, the Connecting Canadians program has helped households in rural and remote areas get access to high-speed Internet and participate in the digital economy. Connecting Canadians projects are expected to provide up to 350,000 households with improved connectivity. The program ends in 2020.

Find out which projects are under way.

CRTC Broadband Fund $750 million fund to support projects that will provide broadband Internet and mobile wireless services in eligible underserved areas of Canada Five projects were chosen as part of the first round in northern Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and Yukon, which will connect over 10,100 households. Call 2 closed on June 1, 2020.
Canada Infrastructure Bank $2 billion in innovative loans and equity for new broadband infrastructure. Applicants who wish to access funding from both the Universal Broadband Fund and the Canada Infrastructure Bank, should contact both programs.
Broadband projects for rural and northern communities More about the Investing in Canada Plan: Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure.
Accelerated Investment Incentive Supporting new private sector investments in rural high-speed Internet.
First Nation Infrastructure Fund Funding to improve the quality of life and the environment of First Nation communities by addressing the long-standing infrastructure gaps on reserves in eight project categories, including connectivity.

How Internet service providers (ISPs), municipalities, Indigenous organizations and communities can get involved

National plan for broadband

Rural economic development

An outline to support the sustainability of remote, rural and Indigenous communities in the digital age.

Canada's Connectivity Strategy

Our plan to connect Canada from coast to coast to coast.

Latest news

Date Program name News item
August 15, 2020 Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada Response by the Government of Canada to petitions concerning CRTC wholesale Internet rates
August 12, 2020 Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Over 10,100 households in northern communities to have access to improved broadband Internet service
August 3, 2020 Connect to Innovate Rural communities in Quebec will benefit from faster Internet
August 3, 2020 Connect to Innovate Residents of rural regions in Quebec will benefit from faster Internet
December 10, 2019 Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Call for comments regarding potential barriers to the deployment of broadband-capable networks in underserved areas in Canada
November 13, 2019 Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

CRTC Broadband Fund launches second call to improve Internet access and mobile wireless services across Canada

September 6, 2019 Connect to Innovate

Canadians in Eastern Ontario to benefit from faster Internet

September 6, 2019 Connect to Innovate

Canadians in northern Alberta to benefit from faster Internet

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