Broadband network feedback from internet service providers (ISPs)

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), in support of the ongoing delivery of programs to support the enhancement of broadband Internet services in Canada,  receives information on Internet coverage from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), from public sources, Canadians, and provincial and territorial governments.

The resulting information forms the National Broadband Data, comprehensive data and maps that describe Internet service availability across Canada.  For more information about the National Broadband Data, please visit the online maps and associated information page.

ISED regularly seeks feedback on its Internet availability information to ensure that this information is current and complete for high-capacity backbone networks as well as last-mile access networks. If you have information regarding current connectivity that is not reflected in the maps, feedback can be provided to enable ISED to update the maps. 

Feedback on data aggregation and areas of interest

ISED has presented the National Broadband Data and National Broadband Maps in formats which respect confidentiality considerations.  The most common format presents the detailed data in an aggregated format using a grid of hexagons.  The level of service availability within each of these hexagons has been calculated as a percentage for a given download speed.  We recognize that alternative aggregations of the data may assist stakeholders to better understand the data and remaining service gaps.

As we design the new Universal Broadband Fund, we would like to provide potential applicants with as much information as possible regarding the remaining gaps of service.  ISED will be preparing alternative aggregations of the National Broadband Data based on stakeholder feedback and engagement.

Stakeholders are invited to request alternative aggregations and also specific assessment of potential project areas.  ISED, subject to confidentiality considerations and resourcing, will perform an evaluation of the proposed area(s) and provide a summary report, including a measure of the percentage of households remaining without available service at 50/10 Mbps and a listing of current facilities-based ISPs offering services (at all speeds) in the area.

There is an initial limit of one submission per organization pending evaluation of demand.  Submissions should outline study/aggregation areas that cover a minimum of 25 square kilometres to allow for sufficient aggregation.  Submissions must be presented by email to with file attachments in the preferred formats as outlined below.  Please contact us if further guidance or clarification is necessary.

Please note that this does not constitute an application and no funding decisions will be associated with this information. This is a service intended to help potential applicants prepare future projects.

Feedback on your last-mile network

form has been developed to submit your feedback and a sample of file formats identified that can be submitted are provided. Any coverage data submitted will be included in future updates to the maps and will be used to guide and assist in the delivery of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Programs.

Disclosure: Please note that information collected will be used to improve ISED's public Internet availability map.

  1. Use the form to capture as much information as possible and attach your data files. An explanation of information required in the submission form is provided.
  2. If you use MapInfo Professional, please provide us with your files indicating your organization's correct high-speed Internet coverage information. For planned coverage, use the form provided.
  3. You may send us other map format files that are compatible with MapInfo Professional, such as KML, ESRI or ArcGIS. For planned coverage, use the form provided.

Feedback on your backbone network

ISED has prepared a downloadable package of materials (ZIP file, 1,309 KB) that can be used to provide feedback on backbone network routes and points of presence.  This includes a feedback guide, form as well as two templates.

The package allows for the submission of feedback regarding fibre routes or microwave links, as well as information on high-capacity points of presence where it is possible to interconnect to the backbone. Directions for submitting feedback are included in the package.

Information on high-capacity backbone networks will be kept confidential to ISED unless otherwise authorized in the feedback form.

Please submit the form and any data files to

If you need assistance compiling your mapping data or want to verify what information ISED has, please contact us.

Information on decompressing a ZIP File

Formats for coverage area information

ISED accepts Internet coverage information in all forms; however, certain formats provide more accurate and representative coverage and are preferred.

All requests for alternative aggregation or study areas are limited to the preferred format.

Preferred format:

Alternative formats:

For each ISP coverage submission, please also provide the residential download speeds (Mbps) that are available.

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