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High-speed Internet for all of Canada

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Learn about how we are enhancing connectivity for all Canadians and find a project in your area.

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Funding support for access to high-speed Internet

Our programs support high-speed Internet access for all Canadians, especially in rural and remote communities.

Businesses, not-for-profits, municipalities and Indigenous organizations

Universal Broadband Fund

With the proposed Budget 2021, the now $2.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund supports high-speed Internet projects in rural and remote communities, including:

  • up to $50 million available to support mobile Internet projects that primarily benefit Indigenous peoples, including projects along highways and roads where mobile connectivity is lacking
  • up to $750 million available for large impact projects
  • up to $150 million available as part of our Rapid Response Stream
CRTC's Broadband Fund

The Broadband Fund supports projects that provide Internet and mobile wireless services in eligible underserved areas of Canada.

Canada Infrastructure Bank

The Canada Infrastructure Bank provides innovative loans and equity for large-scale broadband projects in unserved and underserved communities.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Capacity Agreement

The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Capacity Agreement with Telesat secures capacity on LEO satellites focused on connecting the most challenging areas in Canada to high-speed Internet.

Telesat will make LEO capacity available to Internet service providers in designated remote and satellite-dependent communities at a reduced, fixed price per month starting late 2022.

Visit Telesat's website to learn how to purchase LEO capacity.

Connect to Innovate

The Connect to Innovate program supports backbone infrastructure projects to connect institutions like schools and hospitals. A portion of funding also supports last-mile infrastructure to connect households and businesses.

First Nation Infrastructure Fund

The First Nation Infrastructure Fund provides funding to improve the quality of life and the environment of First Nation communities by addressing the long-standing infrastructure gaps on reserves in eight project categories, including connectivity.

Investing in Canada Program – Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream

The Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Program supports a variety of infrastructure projects, including broadband, in rural and northern communities through bilateral agreements with each province and territory.

Connecting Canadians

The Connecting Canadians program supports projects that extend or enhance Internet access to households across the country. It includes a northern component.

Accelerated Investment Incentive

The Accelerated Investment Incentive supports new private sector investments in rural high-speed Internet.

For information about funding opportunities, please contact us:

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Our progress: by the numbers

All Canadians, no matter where they live, need high-speed Internet to connect with family, keep up at school, run a business and access essential medical services. We are committed to connecting 98% of Canadians to high-speed Internet by 2026 and all Canadians by 2030.

Latest news

Date Program name News item
August 12, 2021 Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Government of Canada announces $1.44-billion investment in Telesat supporting the future of connectivity for rural and remote communities
August 11, 2021 Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Affordable high-speed Internet for low-income seniors and families
August 11, 2021 Infrastructure Canada Canada and Ontario invest over $14.2 million in five community and Indigenous education broadband infrastructure projects across Northern Ontario
August 6, 2021 Canada Infrastructure Bank Financial close achieved on Manitoba Fibre project
August 6, 2021 Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Governments of Canada and Ontario invest over $148 million to bring high-speed Internet to Northwestern Ontario

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