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Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Online Intermediaries


The dissemination and use of copyright-protected content on the Internet has expanded in recent years. Online intermediaries – the entities that facilitate access to such content – have also proliferated and diversified. In some cases, they now play more active roles in user activities involving copyright-protected content. These developments have increasingly brought into focus the liability and obligations of online intermediaries, which is an evolving area of law around the world. In Canada, questions have emerged regarding the extent to which the copyright framework for online intermediaries still achieves its underlying objectives, including protecting and encouraging the use of copyright-protected content online, safeguarding individual rights and freedoms in an open Internet and facilitating a flourishing digital market.


The goal of this consultation is to help the Government ensure that Canada's copyright framework for online intermediaries reflects this evolving digital world. The Government welcomes all comments providing additional perspectives or evidence concerning these issues and potential options.

How to Participate

The paper for the consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Online Intermediaries is available online in both HTML and PDF format. This consultation ran from April 14 to May 31, 2021 and is now closed. Comments received are being processed and will be made available as soon as possible. They will help inform the Government's policy development process.

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