Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility principles and practices make Canadian companies more innovative, productive and competitive. Defined as the integration of economic, environmental and social imperatives–the triple bottom line–corporate social responsibility addresses a range of related business issues. These issues include environmental protection, human rights, human resource practices, health and safety, labour relations, corporate governance, community engagement, consumer protection, supplier relations, anti-bribery and corruption, ethics, stakeholder relations, and philanthropy.

Industry Canada maintains a Corporate Social Responsibility website that includes

  • an overview with a complete description of corporate social responsibility principles and practices;
  • a range of useful tools for companies interested in advancing their corporate social responsibility practices, including a CSR Toolkit and SME Sustainability Road Map;
  • the business case for corporate social responsibility and descriptions of selected initiatives by industry;
  • supportive information; and
  • links for further research.

Further Information

For further information, see the Industry Canada Sustainability and Environment subject section.

Industry Canada's corporate social responsibility activities and policies are coordinated through the Policy and Regulatory Affairs directorate in the Strategic Policy Branch.

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