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As one of Canada's strategic high technology sectors, the aerospace and defence industry will be a key contributor to the knowledge-based economy of the future. While the continued success of the industry cannot be guaranteed, it has a strong base from which to grow by taking advantage of future opportunities.

The National Aerospace and Defence Strategic Framework, guided by its vision and propelled by its seven key policy pillars, will guide future policy initiatives and actions to 2025. The Framework sets out a variety of actions to be undertaken by all industry stakeholders, including the actions that the government will undertake to secure the long-term future of Canada's aerospace and defence industry.

The federal government has played a vital role in the growth, development and success of the aerospace and defence industry in Canada. The Framework continues the government's commitment to the industry via a coordinated strategy with all industry stakeholders that also helps achieve key national policy objectives.

The Framework is not a rigid plan. It will evolve as all industry stakeholders adapt their actions to changing circumstances, both domestic and global. The Framework will help underpin the continuing success of aerospace and defence industry in Canada. Policy development will be an ongoing process, and the government will undertake periodic reviews of the Framework to ensure that it remains relevant.

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