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The Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan focuses on people and addresses the changing nature of the economy to ensure it works for all Canadians, building Canada as a world-leading innovation economy to create growth.

Innovation Canada

From funding to expert advice to driving new collaborations, Innovation Canada's flagship programs and services are designed to help businesses innovate, create jobs and grow Canada's economy.

  • The Innovation Superclusters Initiative strengthens Canada's most promising clusters, where private sector, academic institutions, not-for-profits, and others come together to energize economies and create resilient, well-paying jobs.
  • Innovation Solutions Canada creates opportunities for innovators to solve government challenges with the financial backing needed to develop their good ideas into tangible solutions.

The Innovation Canada digital platform now brings it all together in one place. It's the place to go to get a tailored list of everything that government can do for your business.

Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) supports business innovation, making investments across the country, and in all economic sectors. SIF’s objective is to spur innovation for a better Canada by providing funding for large projects (over $10 million in requested contribution).

Program Objectives

The program has five streams, each with its own precise objective:

  • Stream 1: Encourage R&D that will accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products, processes and services;
  • Stream 2: Facilitate the growth and expansion of firms in Canada;
  • Stream 3: Attract and retain large scale investments to Canada; and
  • Stream 4: Advance industrial research, development and technology demonstration through collaboration between the private sector, researchers and non-profit organizations.
  • Stream 5: Support large-scale national innovation ecosystems through high-impact collaborations between small, medium and large corporations, academic and research institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.

National Research Council (NRC) – Aerospace

The NRC's Aerospace Research Centre supports this important industry with facilities, expertise and industry foresight that result in a constant stream of fresh ideas, new technologies, and the development and demonstration of products and processes that target the market challenges faced by the Canadian and global aeronautics and space sectors.

Collaboration networks

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