Trade and exporting


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada 's role is to provide research and policy advice on aspects of international trade agreements related to both the automotive sector and other transportation industries (rules of origin, government procurement, tariffs, regulations and standards). This is achieved through internal research and knowledge development, consultation with industry stakeholders as well as other government departments.

International trade

The Department of Global Affairs Canada is the lead federal department responsible for negotiating Canada's trade agreements. For further information related to Canada's international trade negotiations and agreements can be found at Department of Global Affairs Canada.

Imports to Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) collects duty and taxes on imported goods, on behalf of the Government of Canada. The rates of duty can vary significantly from one product to another and from one country to another, as a result of trade agreements the Government of Canada negotiates. For information on duties and taxes applied to automotive and transportation goods, please visit CBSA.

Statistics on imports and exports

For data related to automotive and other transportation industries imports and exports,
please visit: Trade Data Online.

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