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Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance (also called Certificate of Good Standing in some provinces) is a document that certifies the corporation has sent its most recent annual filings, paid its most recent filing fees, not dissolved, and is, in other words, in "good standing."

We will accept both original signed and printed certificates or certificates that have been obtained online and printed.

If you are incorporated federally, contact Corporations Canada to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

If you are incorporated provincially, you will have to contact the department in your province or territory (see a list of contacts) that takes care of in corporation.


If a corporation is dissolved, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) will not process the claim unless it is being advanced by the federal or provincial Crown.

However, any interested person can apply to have the dissolved corporation "revived." Where revived, the corporation has, subject to third-party rights acquired during dissolution, all the rights and liabilities that it would have had if it had not been dissolved. Once revived, the corporation or its agent could apply to the OSB for payment of the unpaid fund.

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