Form 8—Affidavit Verifying Application to Pass Accounts

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Form 8

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(Rule 56)

I, Space to insert applicant's name, the person named in the attached application, do swear (or solemnly declare):

That the statements in this application are to my knowledge, true;

That the statement of receipts and disbursements attached to the application and marked as Exhibit A is an accurate and correct statement of my administration of the estate;

That all the property of the bankrupt that came into my hands has been realized or disposed of in a proper manner;

That all claims filed were properly examined and that, to my knowledge, the attached dividend sheet marked as Exhibit B contains a true and correct list of the claims of creditors and that all payments shown on the dividend sheet have been duly made;

That every disbursement included in the statement of receipts and disbursements is accurate and correct;

That I have not received, nor do I expect to receive, nor have I been promised, any remuneration or consideration other than as shown in the statement;

That I have not been a party to, nor have I knowledge of, any undisclosed arrangement with the bankrupt or with any other person as a result of which a creditor received or will receive a consideration or payment in excess of that to which the creditor was properly entitled;

That notice of the application in the attached form marked as Exhibit C was, on the Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year, sent to every creditor whose claim had been proved, to the registrar, to the bankrupt, to the substituted trustee and to the division office.

Sworn (or Solemnly Declared)

before me at Space to insert city, town or village (city, town or village)

in the Province of Space to insert province

on this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year.

Space to insert Commissioner of Oaths' signature
Commissioner of Oaths
Space to insert former trustee's signature
Former Licensed Insolvency Trustee

for the Province of Space to insert province.

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