Form 92—Notice of Proposal to Creditors

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Form 92

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(Section 51 of the Act)

(Title Form 1)

Take notice that Space to insert name of creditor of the Space to insert name of company of Space to insert name of city in the Province of Space to insert name of province has lodged with me a proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

A copy of the proposal, a condensed statement of the debtor's assets, and liabilities, and a list of the creditors affected by the proposal and whose claims amount to $250 or more are enclosed.

A general meeting of the creditors will be held at Space to insert city on the Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year at the hour of Space to insert time of day o'clock.

The creditors or any class of creditors qualified to vote at the meeting may by resolution accept the proposal either as made or as altered or modified at the meeting. If so accepted and if approved by the court the proposal is binding on all the creditors or the class of creditors affected.

Proofs of claim, proxies and voting letters intended to be used at the meeting must be lodged with me prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Dated at Space to insert city, this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year.

Space to insert signature of trustee
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

(A form of proof of claim, a form of proxy and a voting letter should be enclosed with each notice.)


If a copy of this Notice is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document.

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