CCAA Records
First Leaside Wealth Management Inc. et al.

File Information

Court File Number:
Court and Judicial District:
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
(Commercial List), Toronto
OSB File Number:
Initial Order:
Monitor's web page for the proceedingsFootnote 1:

Debtor Company Information

Company Name:
First Leaside Wealth Management Inc.
First Leaside Finance Inc.
First Leaside Securities Inc.
FL Securities Inc.
First Leaside Management Inc.
First Leaside Accounting and Tax
Services Inc.
First Leaside Holdings Inc.
2086056 Ontario Inc.
First Leaside Realty Inc.
First Leaside Capital Inc.
First Leaside Realty II Inc.
First Leaside Investments Inc.
965010 Ontario Inc.
1045517 Ontario Inc.
1024919 Ontario Inc.
1031628 Ontario Inc.
1056971 Ontario Inc.
1376095 Ontario Inc.
1437290 Ontario Ltd.
1244428 Ontario Ltd.
PrestonOne Development (Canada) Inc.
PrestonTwo Development (Canada) Inc.
PrestonThree Development (Canada) Inc.
PrestonFour Development (Canada) Inc.
2088543 Ontario Inc.
2088544 Ontario Inc.
2088545 Ontario Inc.
1331607 Ontario Inc.
Queenston Manor General Partner Inc.
1408927 Ontario Ltd.
2107738 Ontario Inc.
1418361 Ontario Ltd.
2128054 Ontario Inc.
2069212 Ontario Inc.
1132413 Ontario Inc.
2067171 Ontario Inc.
2085306 Ontario Inc.
2059035 Ontario Inc.
2086218 Ontario Inc.
2085438 Ontario Inc.
First Leaside Visions Management Inc.
1049015 Ontario Inc.
1049016 Ontario Inc.
2007804 Ontario Inc.
2019418 Ontario Inc.
FL Research Management Inc.
970877 Ontario Inc..
1031628 Ontario Inc..
1045516 Ontario Inc.
2004516 Ontario Inc.
2192341 Ontario Inc. and
First Leaside Fund Management Inc.
Other names under which the company carries on business:
Head Office:
33 Toronto Street North,
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1C7
WebsiteFootnote 1:

Monitor Information

Court-Appointed Monitor:
Grant Thornton Limited
Monitor's Representative:
Daniel Sobel
200 Bay Street
19th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2P9
Date of the Court Order Discharging Monitor:
December 7, 2012


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