CCAA Records
LightSquared LP. et al.

File Information

Court File Number:
Court and Judicial District:
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
(Commercial List), Toronto
OSB File Number:
Initial Order:
Monitor's web page for the proceedingsFootnote 1:

Debtor Company Information

Company Name:
LightSquared LP
LightSquared Inc.
LightSquared Investors Holdings Inc.
One Dot Four Corp.
One Dot Six Corp.
SkyTerra Rollup LLC
SkyTerra Rollup Sub LLC
SkyTerra Investors LLC
TMI Communications Delaware, Limited Partnership
LightSquared GP Inc.
LightSquared LP
ATC Technologies LLC
LightSquared Corp.
LightSquared Finance Co.
LightSquared Network LLC
LightSquared Inc. Of Virginia
LightSquared Subsidiary LLC
SkyTerra Holdings (Canada) Inc.
SkyTerra (Canada) Inc.
One Dot Six TVCC Corp.
LightSquared Bermuda Ltd.
Other names under which the company carries on business:
Head Office:
10802 Parkridge Boulevard
Reston, Virginia 20191
United States
Operations Office:
Telesat Court
Ottawa, ON
K1B 1B9
1-877-678-2920 (US)
1-800-216-6728 (Ottawa)

Monitor InformationFootnote 2:

Court-Appointed Monitor:
Alvarez & Marsal Canada Inc.
Monitor's Representative:
John Walker
(Information Officer)
Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower
200 Bay Street, Suite 2900
P.O. Box 22
Toronto, ON M5J 2J1
Contact Person
Andrea Yandreski, 416-847-5153
Date of the Court Order Discharging Monitor:
December 18, 2013


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