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CCAA Records
1112-1124 Capital Corp., 20/20 Capital Corp., 411 Ltd., 534 Capital Corp., 550 Capital Corp., 744 (2011) Capital Corp., 808 Capital Corp., 926 Capital Corp., Airdrie Gateway Block 2 Capital Corp., Airways Business Plaza Capital Corp., Aura Capital Corp., Avenida Village Ltd., Blackfoot Centre Ltd., Bonavista Square Ltd., Center Street GP Ltd., Centre 1000 Capital Corp., Centre Eleven Capital Corp., Centro 2102 Capital Corp., Deerfoot 17 Corp., Deerfoot Court (2011) Capital Corp., First Street Plaza GP Ltd., Glenmore Commerce Court Capital Corp., Inglewood 9th Avenue GP Ltd., Kensington Building Capital Corp., Louise Block Capital Corp., Macleod Place Ltd., Mayfield Capital Corp., Mission Centre Inc., Airdrie Creekside Capital Corp., Torode Strategic 1129 GP Ltd., One Six Capital Corp., Parallel Centre Ltd., Paramount Building Ltd., Parkwood/Eastgate Capital Corp., Pegasus Business Park Ltd., Stony Plain Capital Corp., Petro Fina Capital Corp., Petro West Ltd., Place 9-6 Ltd., Shelbourne Place Ltd., Stella Place Capital Corp., Strategic Centre Ltd., Sundance Place Ltd., Sundance Place II Ltd., Sunpark Place Ltd., Airdrie Gateway Block 3 Capital Corp., Wesley Church Building Inc., Willow Park Capital Corp., 411 Capital Corp., 1445122 Alberta Ltd., 1220 Kensington Road Corp., Macleod Place Holding Corp.

File Information

Court File Number:
Court and Judicial District:
Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
Calgary Division
OSB File Number:
Date of the Initial Order
Monitor's web page for the proceedings Footnote 1:

Debtor Company Information

Company Name:

1112-1124 Capital Corp.
20/20 Capital Corp.
411 Ltd.
534 Capital Corp.
550 Capital Corp.
744 (2011) Capital Corp.
808 Capital Corp.
926 Capital Corp.
Airdrie Gateway Block 2 Capital Corp.
Airways Business Plaza Capital Corp.
Aura Capital Corp.
Avenida Village Ltd.
Blackfoot Centre Ltd.
Bonavista Square Ltd.
Center Street GP Ltd.
Centre 1000 Capital Corp.
Centre Eleven Capital Corp.
Centro 2102 Capital Corp.
Deerfoot 17 Corp.
Deerfoot Court (2011) Capital Corp.
First Street Plaza GP Ltd.
Glenmore Commerce Court Capital Corp.
Inglewood 9th Avenue GP Ltd.
Kensington Building Capital Corp.
Louise Block Capital Corp.
Macleod Place Ltd.
Mayfield Capital Corp.
Mission Centre Inc.
Airdrie Creekside Capital Corp.
Torode Strategic 1129 GP Ltd.
One Six Capital Corp.
Parallel Centre Ltd.
Paramount Building Ltd.
Parkwood/Eastgate Capital Corp.
Pegasus Business Park Ltd.
Stony Plain Capital Corp.
Petro Fina Capital Corp.
Petro West Ltd.
Place 9-6 Ltd.
Shelbourne Place Ltd.
Stella Place Capital Corp.
Strategic Centre Ltd.
Sundance Place Ltd.
Sundance Place II Ltd.
Sunpark Place Ltd.
Airdrie Gateway Block 3 Capital Corp.
Wesley Church Building Inc.
Willow Park Capital Corp.
411 Capital Corp.
1445122 Alberta Ltd.
1220 Kensington Road Corp.
Macleod Place Holding Corp.
Other names under which the company
carries on business:
Head Office:
400 - 630 8 Avenue S.W.
Calgary AB T2P 1G6
Website Footnote 1 :

Monitor Information

Court-Appointed Monitor:
Hardie & Kelly Inc.
Monitor's Representative:
Marc Kelly
110-5800 2nd Street SW Suite 110
Calgary AB T2H 0H2
Date of the Court Order Discharging Monitor:


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This web page may not remain accessible once the case is closed. For further information, contact the monitor or the debtor company directly.

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