The Oral Board of Examination

The deadline for 2019 applications for Trustee Licence is .

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) is responsible for the Oral Board of Examination process. Candidates who have completed the prerequisites will be invited to apply for a Trustee Licence using the OSB Licence Administration Application (OLAA). Once the candidate's application is complete and submitted, they will be invited to attend the oral boards. The email invitation to apply for a Trustee Licence will contain a link to OLAA with instructions on how to complete the application for Trustee Licence electronically.

If you have previously participated in an oral board but did not receive a licence, you will receive an email invitation to reapply for a licence online. If you do not receive an invitation by the end of December 2018, you are asked to email OSB Licensing.

The following information is provided to assist candidates in planning and preparing for the Oral Boards of Examination.


All candidates who have received an invitation to attend the oral boards will be invited to participate in a teleconference in which an OSB representative will answer any questions candidates have.

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