Misleading Made in Canada claims

In December 2009, the Competition Bureau received a complaint with respect to alleged implicit "Made in Canada" claims made by a company in the promotion of its vehicles. More specifically, the company was using several series of words to describe its products, such as "Inspiring, Creative, Functional, Canadian". The Bureau was of the view that the representations gave the general impression that the target's products were made in Canada, when in fact, the target is a distributor of imported products.

The Bureau assesses "Made in Canada" claims by considering the criteria set out in its "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" Claims enforcement guidelines and by applying the false or misleading representation provisions of the Competition Act [subsection 52(1) and paragraph 74.01(1)(a)].

The Bureau contacted the target company to advise them of the Bureau's concerns. As a result, the company responded by undertaking to remove the implicit "Made in Canada" claims at issue. In the example above, this resulted in the company removing the word "Canadian" from its representations.

The matter was resolved in March 2010.


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