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Competition Bureau publishes revised Immunity and Leniency FAQs

OTTAWA, September 25, 2013 — The Competition Bureau today published revised sets of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to its Immunity and Leniency Programs.

The updated FAQs address additional topics, such as how the Bureau treats immunity and leniency markers in the context of investigations that it does not intend to pursue, and expand on and clarify existing topics, such as the proffer (statement provided by the immunity or leniency applicant) process, indirect sales, and how the Bureau determines its fine recommendations.

These FAQs, along with the Immunity and Leniency bulletins, provide a comprehensive picture of the Bureau’s approach to immunity and leniency applications.

The Immunity Program FAQs, initially published in 2003, were updated in 2005, 2007 and 2010. This is the first update to the Leniency Program FAQs since they were published in 2010.

As part of the updating process, the Bureau consulted extensively with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. It also consulted with foreign competition agencies, including the United States Department of Justice and the European Commission.

Investigating cartels is one of the Bureau's criminal enforcement priorities. The Immunity and Leniency Programs are among the Bureau's best weapons to combat anti‑competitive agreements. These programs provide powerful incentives for organizations and individuals to come forward and cooperate with the Bureau’s investigations.

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

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