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Submissions to OECD

The Competition Bureau regularly participates in OECD Competition Committee meetings and makes submissions to the Committee’s best practice roundtables. The Bureau’s recent submissions are listed below. A full list of best practice roundtable topics and associated documents can be found on the OECD Competition Committee’s website.

Participation of non governmental advisors in the ICN

The International Competition Network (ICN) encourages the participation of non-governmental advisors (NGAs) in all aspects of its work. As member of the ICN, the Competition Bureau has the ability to invite a limited number of non-governmental advisors to participate in certain ICN events. The criteria used by the Bureau to select participants to attend ICN events can be found below. In addition, an NGA Toolkit providing guidance to prospective NGAs on the role of NGAs, the benefits of participation and advice on how to get involved is available on the ICN’s website.

Competition Bureau non governmental advisor selection criteria

The selection of Non Governmental Advisors ("NGAs") to attend International Competition Network ("ICN") events should be based on the individual’s involvement in and contribution to the ICN and not their role as a representative of any given law firm or trade association.

Canadian NGAs’ active participation in Working Groups ("WG") and their significant contributions to work products are key principles to attend an ICN event. NGAs are encouraged to identify areas of interest based on the annual ICN work plans.

The following criteria will be considered when selecting the Competition Bureau’s ("Bureau") NGAs to attend ICN events:

  • Leadership within the ICN and/or contribution to a Working Group;
  • Specific Role at the ICN event (e.g., moderator; speaker/panellist);
  • Rotation of the Bureau’s NGAs; and/or
  • Diverse representation among stakeholders in the competition law community.

(i) Leadership within the ICN and/or contribution to a working group

NGAs who demonstrate leadership within the ICN and promote the ICN’s activities at other fora (e.g., various legal or economic events) should be recognized, as well as those that make significant contributions to the work of the ICN. Contributions to the ICN include:

  • assisting with the drafting or editing of work products;
  • speaking on a WG teleseminar; and/or
  • intervening during WG conference calls or teleseminar.

(ii) Specific role at the ICN event (e.g., moderator; speaker/panellist)

As a WG co-chair, the Bureau can invite NGAs who make a substantial contribution to the WGs’ work products, or who have a particular expertise to act as a panellist/speaker or a resource person at an ICN event.

In the Bureau's capacity as the ICN Secretariat, it can select additional NGAs based on their willingness to act as a rapporteur at the Annual Conference. WG co-chairs or the Workshop host agency may also call on NGAs to act as rapporteurs.

(iii) Rotation of the Bureau’s NGAs

The Bureau will also consider inviting NGAs who have not recently participated at an ICN event, provided that they satisfy other criteria. Rotating the Bureau’s NGAs gives opportunities to new individuals to express their ideas and experiences at ICN events.

(iv) Diverse representation among stakeholders in the competition law community

Since diverse participation in the ICN is encouraged, the Bureau should include at least one economist or academic as part of its NGA delegation to attend ICN events. The Bureau also looks to achieve balance in terms of the level of practical competition experience of NGAs.

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