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Fair Play on the ice and in the marketplace

Competition Bureau video shoots to score one for innovation, fair prices and choice

May 25, 2015 — OTTAWA, ON — Competition Bureau

Canadian consumers win and businesses prosper when everyone plays by the rules.

That’s the message of Fair Play, a video launched today by the Competition Bureau.

The video uses the game of hockey to explain the basic operating assumption of the Bureau: competition is good for both businesses and consumers.

To help the Bureau reach the business community across the country, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has agreed to share Fair Play with its 450 local chambers and boards of trade representing 200,000 businesses.

Fair Play is the latest in a series of videos aimed at businesses and consumers produced by the Bureau. Please look for the Video Gallery button on our homepage to access our entire collection. Our videos are also accessible on the Bureau’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Quick facts

  • The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency that ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.
  • We deliver on our mandate by using a balanced approach of enforcement, advocacy and outreach.
  • Headed by the Commissioner of Competition, the Bureau is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (except as it relates to food), the Textile Labelling Act and the Precious Metals Marking Act.


"Hockey is one of Canada’s favourite pastimes. We think that drawing parallels with the game makes it easier for Canadians to understand what we do. We especially want to reach out to small and medium-sized business owners. It is true that sometimes the Bureau is a lot like the referee, making sure that everyone plays by the rules and calling the penalties, but the Bureau is also here to help business owners understand the rules that allow them to prosper in a thriving marketplace. That way, everyone wins."
John Pecman,
Commissioner of Competition
"The Canadian Chamber of Commerce supports public policies that foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Canada. We believe in competition and welcome the Bureau’s use of this video to promote these values in a creative way."
Hon. Perrin Beatty,
President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

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