Anti‑Cartel Day 2015


Cartels are harmful to Canadians and the Canadian economy.

As part of Fraud Prevention Month,

the Competition Bureau holds Anti-cartel Day

to help Canadians recognize, report and stop cartel activity.

This year, Anti-cartel Day is being held on March 26.

When competitors fix prices, restrict output,

allocate customers or markets, or rig bids,

both businesses and consumers suffer.

Businesses might not be able to compete,

and everyone has to live with the higher prices,

decreased product choice and reduced innovation.

Anti-cartel Day is an opportunity for us to educate

businesses about how to detect

and prevent different cartel activities,

and why it's so important for them to comply

with the Competition Act.

It's important for them to know that the consequences

of engaging in cartel activities can be devastating.

These are very serious criminal offences,

and offenders may face large fines, lawsuits,

damage to their reputation, and even jail time.

Through materials distributed on the Bureau's website,

Facebook page and YouTube channel,

and during in-person presentations in various cities,

the Bureau will inform businesses about their role

in safeguarding their business and ensuring

a fair and competitive marketplace.

We will also publish new videos on bid-rigging and collusion,

we have created a new portal on our website intended

for the construction industry, and we have prepared informative

one-pagers on different topics related to collusion.

Cartels are usually secret and difficult to detect.

If you or anyone you know is involved in a cartel

and would like to step away from illegal activity,

contact the Bureau to learn more about

the Immunity and Leniency Programs.

The Whistleblowing Initiative is another way for members

of the public to report cartel activity to the Bureau.

Anti-cartel Day is our way of raising awareness

about the negative impact that cartels have on consumers

and businesses, and encouraging everyone to work together

to strengthen the Canadian economy.

For more information and to access our materials

regarding cartels, visit our website.

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