Identity theft scams


Martin is a real estate pro, a kids' soccer coach, and most important, father of three active teens.

It's been a busy Saturday.

New bike for his daughter…

… arranging passports for the family…

… online banking, paying bills, cleaning up files and old tax forms!

Martin finishes up by taking out the trash…

… only to find someone or something with its head in Martin's paper recycling bin.

Knowing that his identity could be stolen

through his phone,

through his computer,

or even through material in his trash can.

He knows that scammers can:

Make purchases using his accounts

Obtain a passport using Martin's personal info

Apply for loans or even government benefits illegally!

Martin makes a solemn vow to protect his identity on line…

… by password-protecting all of his family's devices…

… never giving out any info on the phone…

… and be much more careful when he buys on line.

And Martin knows that if he suspects identity theft, he'll call the police right away.

Martin looks in the recycle bin… and smiles.

Paper shredders… 50% off. Awesome!

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