Subscription Traps


Jeanne is a biologist (and mom to three active kids).

She loves to hunt the elusive species known as "The Best. Deal. Ever", so she often signs up for free and low-cost products of all kinds.

Organic gluten-free pet treats… turbo-powered high intensity lawn food… "Pair-Of-Socks-A-Week" Club… 

But when a deal for a miraculous face cream seems a little too smooth, Jeanne springs into action and uses her super keen senses to catch:

  • subscription traps that come with:
    • hefty charges on her credit card she didn't sign up for…
    • contracts that are difficult to cancel…
    • And inflated shipping charges.

Jeanne's rules for "free stuff success"?

Know the company you're about to deal with: read reviews and check their reputation!

Don't take reviews or celebrity endorsements at face value.

Review any contract—even a shipping order for free samples—with great care…

And check your credit card statements for charges you might not be aware of…

Avoiding subscription traps is a science you can master! 

And if you suspect a scam or have gotten caught, always report it!

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