Phishing scams


Lise is fourteen. And like most teens, she loves exploring social media.

She has a weakness for extreme sports, cat videos... the usual.

She’s a very smart surfer, and she can tell the good stuff from the bad stuff.

One thing Lise knows is that ANY unsolicited messages, by email or text... are... well... fishy!

Is this legit?

Uh... no.

Does Lise provide or verify her personal information,

such as her address or the school she attends, names of her friends, or places that she hangs out?

No, she doesn’t.

Lise knows that phishing and smishing are bad news... kinda like boy band videos from the eighties...

  • She tells her friends and family ALL THE TIME to ask questions like these:
    • Is this a site or an app or an e-vite that you have heard about?
    • Cause if they’re legit, they would NEVER ask for your personal info.
    • Do you know this person – this friend of a friend of a friend? Really – do you?
    • If you don’t... stay away.
  • Lise’s rules:
    • Delete any suspicious message
    • NEVER reply to spam...
    • Update your antivirus software often...
    • Never respond to a phone number or an email address from a sketchy contact...
    • And if you suspect a scam or are a victim of a scam, always report it.

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