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Reviewing mergers

Mergers are generally viewed as a positive way to increase competitiveness, allowing Canadians to benefit from lower prices, better product choice and higher quality services. However, the Competition Bureau pays close attention to the small portion of mergers that could substantially prevent or lessen competition in particular markets. If the Commissioner of Competition determines that a merger is likely to adversely affect competition, he may apply to the Competition Tribunal for an order to prevent, dissolve or alter the merger. All parties contemplating business mergers are strongly encouraged to contact the Bureau at the earliest opportunity, or before submitting a notification filing.


Services and information

Notifiable transactions and Advance Ruling Certificates

Understand the Notification requirements for transactions exceeding certain thresholds or not subject to any exemptions.

Monthly report of concluded merger reviews

Consult the list of concluded merger reviews, relevant to sections 114 and 102 of the Competition Act.

Merger review process and feedback form

Learn about the merger review process and how you can share views on competition-related issues regarding a transaction.

Merger remedies

Discover how remedies are negociated when a merger or proposed merger could prevent or lessen competition.

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