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Advocating for greater competition


Advocating the benefits of a competitive marketplace is an important part of our mandate at the Competition Bureau. We participate in a wide range of activities to promote the advantages of competition and innovation for both consumers and businesses.

Through our advocacy role, we are able to examine a sector from a competition perspective and identify barriers to competition. Those barriers can include regulations or policies that make it difficult for businesses to emerge or compete, or factors that make it difficult for consumers to switch products or services, or to make informed choices. Where barriers to competition are identified, the Bureau can make recommendations to regulators or policymakers on how to reduce or remove those barriers to promote competition.

The Bureau has recently worked with regulators and policymakers across Canada on initiatives such as making banking more convenient, taxi services less expensive, and options for eating out more diverse.

Canadians are invited to provide input on where the Bureau should focus its advocacy efforts going forward. Are there sectors of the Canadian economy where competition is not working well? Submit your feedback through our Advocacy Suggestion Form.

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