Corporation key

A corporation key is, in fact, a password. When entered with a corporation number, a corporation key allows you to carry out online transactions that do not require a fee. Like many Corporation Canada services, these transactions are made through the Online Filing Centre.

There is no fee associated with requesting a corporation key. The key is sent by mail to the corporation's registered office address that Corporations Canada has on file.

Obtain your corporation key

Limiting access to your corporation key

The key should only be shared with individuals who have been given authority to file on behalf of the corporation. If the individual who files on behalf of the corporation changes, it is the corporation’s responsibility to request a new corporation key, which will cancel the previous one.

Applicable online transactions

A corporation key is needed to carry out the following transactions:

Managing your account

Confirm your registered office address

When you request a new corporation key online, you need to validate the registered office address we have on file. This is where Corporations Canada sends the key.

If the address is incorrect, contact us to update it before requesting a new corporation key.

Misplaced corporation key

If your corporation key is lost, misplaced or misused, remember that it is always sent in the acknowledgement of receipt when you file your corporation’s annual return. If you still cannot access your corporation key, go to Obtain Corporation Key. You will have to find your corporation by using your corporation number, business number or corporate name, and filling out the required fields.

Note that if you request a new corporation key, it can only be sent to the current registered office address. Your previous corporation key becomes invalid as soon as a new corporation key is issued.

Out-of-date registered office address

If you have a corporation key, simply follow the steps on Change of Registered Office Address to modify your corporation’s registered office address.

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