Instructions for Form 4004 - Articles of Amendment

Form 4004 - Articles of Amendment (PDF, 841 KB)


  1. You are providing information required by the NFP Act. Note that both the NFP Act and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public. It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.
  2. If your corporation is or intends to become a registered charity, visit Charities and giving (Canada Revenue Agency) during the preparation of your amending documents. The Charities and giving webpage provides valuable information about what must be contained in certain statements in these documents to meet the requirements to qualify for registration as a charity.

    You should be aware that if you need to change these statements later to qualify for registration as a charity, changes to the approved articles can only be made by amendment. The fee for amending articles under the NFP Act is $200.00.

Item 1: Corporate name

Indicate the corporate name. If you want to verify the exact name of the corporation, you can find it using the Corporations Canada online database.

Item 2: Corporation number

Indicate the corporation number. You will find the corporation number on the certificate of incorporation, amalgamation or continuance. You can also find it using the Corporations Canada online database.

Item 3: The articles are amended as follows:

Use the appropriate section below depending on the change being made:

A. The corporation amends its name to:

In item 3a, indicate your proposed corporate name in one of the official languages. If the corporate name is a combined English and French version, indicate that name in this field.

If applicable, indicate in item 3b your proposed corporate name in the second official language if the corporate name will consist of separate English and French versions. If the corporation does not wish to have a corporate name in the second official language, leave this item blank.


  • Combined English and French version
    • Centre récréatif Miramichi Recreational Center
  • Separate English and French versions
    • Ottawa Community Hockey Association
    • Association de hockey communautaire d'Ottawa

The proposed name must be distinctive, meaning that it must not be misleading or likely to be confused with names used by other organizations and businesses. In general, a corporate name is distinctive if it does not make those who encounter it think of another organization or business. You must include a valid Nuans Name Search Report unless you would like a number name (for example, 123456 Canada Foundation). Corporations Canada will use the Nuans Name Search Report to determine whether the name is distinctive and otherwise meets the requirements of the NFP Act.

The Nuans Name Search Report must be dated no more than ninety (90) days prior to the receipt of the articles by Corporations Canada. If the proposed corporate name consists of both an English and a French version, and not a combined English and French version, it will be necessary to provide a Nuans Name Search Report for each language.

For more information about choosing a name, see Name a corporation.

If your corporate name has been pre-approved by Corporations Canada, attach a copy of the letter of approval to your application. If the pre-approval letter is not included or if the name has not been pre-approved, the name will be considered for approval when the application is processed.

The NFP Act allows you to choose a number as your legal name (for example, "1234567 Canada Centre"). To obtain a number name, leave a blank space in item 3a (in which Corporations Canada will insert an assigned number) followed by the word “Canada” and one of the following prescribed terms: Association, Center, Centre, Fondation, Foundation, Institut, Institute or Society.

Example: english: space to insert full corporate name Canada Center

To help Corporations Canada make a decision regarding the proposed new name, include with your application a completed Corporate Name Information Form.

B. The corporation amends the province or territory in Canada where the registered office is situated to:

Indicate the province or territory in Canada where your registered office is to be situated.


Do not include the street address here. The street address will be indicated on Form 4003 – Change of Registered Office address.

C. The corporation amends the number of directors to:

Indicate the new minimum and maximum number of directors. If the number is fixed, indicate the same number in both boxes.

Every corporation must have at least one director, except a soliciting corporation (i.e., one that receives public donations and/or government grants in excess of $10,000 in a single financial year). A soliciting corporation must have no fewer than three directors, at least two of whom are not officers or employees of the corporation or its affiliates.


Do not include or remove individual director's information here. The removal or addition of directors is done using Form 4006 – Changes Regarding Directors.

D. Other amendments, please specify:

Use this section to amend any other provision in the articles. Indicate the nature of the change. All amendments must indicate clearly which articles, paragraphs or sub-paragraphs of the articles are being amended.

If the space available is insufficient, please attach a schedule

Item 4: Declaration

This form must be signed by either a director or an authorized officer of the corporation. Please print the name and indicate the telephone number of the signatory.

Also Include

More Information

For more information, consult: Amending the Articles of a Not-for-profit Corporation or call toll-free (within Canada) 1-866-333-5556 or (from outside Canada) 613-941-9042.

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