Model Form 4031 – Articles of Continuance (transition) – One membership class and change of name

Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act)
Form 4031 - Articles of Continuance (transition)

To be used only for a continuance from the Canada Corporations Act, Part II.

1. Current name of the corporation



2. If a change of name is requested, indicate proposed corporate name



3. Corporation number


4. The province or territory in Canada where the registered office is situated


5. Minimum and maximum number of directors (for a fixed number, indicate the same number in both boxes)

Minimum number 3
Maximum number 10

6. Statement of the purpose of the corporation

The purpose(s) of the corporation is/are:

La déclaration d'intention est la suivante :

7. Restrictions on the activities that the corporation may carry on, if any



8. The classes, or regional or other groups, of members that the corporation is authorized to establish

The Corporation is authorized to establish one class of members. Each member shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of the members of the Corporation.

L'organisation est autorisée d'établir une catégorie de membres. Pour toutes assemblées de membres, chaque membre a le droit de recevoir un avis de l'assemblée, d'y assister et d'y exercer son droit de vote.

9. Statement regarding the distribution of property remaining on liquidation

Any property remaining on liquidation of the Corporation, after discharge of liabilities, shall be distributed to one or more qualified donees within the meaning of subsection 248(1) of the Income Tax Act.

Le reliquat des biens de l'organisation après le règlement de ses dettes sera transféré, en cas de liquidation, à un ou plusieurs donataires reconnus au sens du paragraphe 248(1) de la Loi de L'impôt sur le revenu.

10. Additional provisions, if any

The directors may appoint one or more additional directors who shall hold office for a term expiring not later than the close of the next annual general meeting of members, but the total number of directors so appointed may not exceed one-third (1/3) of the number of directors elected at the previous annual general meeting of members.

Les administrateurs peuvent nommer un ou plusieurs administrateurs supplémentaires à condition que le nombre total des administrateurs ainsi nommés n'excède par le tiers du nombre des administrateurs élus à la dernière assemblée annuelle. Le mandat des administrateurs ainsi nommés expirera au plus tard à la clôture de la prochaine assemblée annuelle.

11. Declaration

I hereby certify that I am a director or an authorized officer of the corporation continuing into the NFP Act.

Jane Doe

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