How to search for railway documents

The Railway Tool has 2 functions.

  • The Search Function allows the secure database of railway documents to be searched.
  • The Deposit Function allows railway documents to be deposited with the Registrar General of Canada.

The database contains the railway documents that have been deposited with the Registrar General of Canada under sections 104 and 105 of the Canada Transportation Act. Records go back to 1868 and deposits are kept permanently in the database.

Documents are not removed from the database, even if

  • a letter of transmittal or a deposit itself expressly indicates that the deposit has a fixed term
  • a discharge or release of a deposit is subsequently filed
  • a request is made by the person who originally deposited the document.

Steps for conducting a search

Searches are conducted by interested parties and not by the Registrar’s staff.

Step 1 – Sign in

To use the Railway Tool, a searcher needs an Industry Canada username and password, and to be authorized to access Corporations Canada’s database.

Step 2 – Conduct your search

You can search based on

  • text in the railway documents
  • document date or deposit date.

There is no fee for conducting searches under either section 104 or 105 of the Canada Transportation Act.

Tips for searching

Step 3 – Review search results

Once you have completed your search, you will be taken to a Search Results page that lists all documents related to this search. Each page displays 10 documents at a time.

Understanding the Search Results page

What happens when you click on

  • Hide Descriptions – removes the text description of the document.
  • Show Highlighted Terms – bolds the search terms in the document description.
  • Title of the Document – takes you to a page with the document details.
  • Text – shows the Optical Character Recognition version of the document.
  • PDF – shows the scanned image of the document.
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