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Order copies of corporate documents

You can order certified or uncertified copies of corporate documents. The difference between the two documents is that the certified copy comes with a letter indicating that the document is an exact copy of a document kept in Corporations Canada's books. Copies are often needed by financial institutions to open a bank account, for example.

Examples of corporate documents:

Order uncertified copies

How much it costs

Ordering uncertified copies of corporate documents online for a business or a not-for-profit is free.

What you will need

Order uncertified copies

How to order uncertified copies by email or mail

If you are not able to order copies online, you can send a written request by email or mail. There is a fee of $5 per document.

Order certified copies

How much it costs

All requests for certified copies need to be sent by email or mail only. There is a fee of $40 per document.

What to include in your request

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