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Trademarks Opposition Board

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office


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The trademark expungement proceeding - Guide for self-represented registered owners

Learn about the role and activities of the Trademarks Opposition Board and obtain more information about the opposition proceedings and the section 45 proceedings.

The Trademarks Opposition Board (TMOB) acts on behalf of the Registrar with respect to two types of proceedings: opposition proceedings and section 45 proceedings.

The TMOB comprises of a chairperson, members, hearing officers, a manager and clerks. The chair, members and hearing officers each has delegated authority from the Registrar to conduct hearings and render decisions pursuant to the Trademarks Act and Trademarks Regulations.

The responsibilities of the TMOB with respect to opposition and section 45 proceedings include:

Decisions and upcoming hearings


The E-services listed below are accessible from the TMOB's online web application.

Please consult the TMOB's e-Services online help for detailed information on how to submit the documents and transactions below.

Opposition proceedings

  • Statement of opposition
  • Counter statement
  • Opponent's evidence, or statement
  • Applicant's evidence, or statement
  • Opponent's reply evidence
  • Opponent's written representations, or statement
  • Applicant's written representations, or statement
  • Request for a hearing
  • Request for an extension of time

Section 45 proceedings

  • Request for a section 45 notice
  • Registered owner's evidence
  • Requesting party's written representations, or statement
  • Registered owner's written representations, or statement
  • Request for a hearing
  • Request for an extension of time

Opposition proceedings concerning Protocol applications and section 45 proceedings against Protocol registrations

E-services in respect of Protocol applications and registrations are also accessible from the TMOB's online web application.

Other trademarks E-services

Database Search


Contact Us

For general enquiries, call our Client Service Centre at 1-866-997-1936 (toll-free) or 819-934-0544 (international).

Important: When writing to TMOB, you must indicate:

  • Attention: Oppositions or
  • Attention: Section 45

Facsimile: 819-953-CIPO (2476)


Trademarks Opposition Board
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