Trademark practice notices

The following practice notices are intended to provide guidance on current Trademarks Office practice but are not binding on the Office. In the event of any inconsistency between the Trademarks Examination Manual and these practice notices, the notices are to be followed. In the event of any inconsistency between these practice notices and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed.


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Date Notice
2017-09-21 Practice in Objection Proceedings under Section 11.13 of the Trade-marks Act
2017-03-01 Email communications of hearing correspondence
2016-11-09 Place of Origin — Paragraph 12(1)(b) of the Trade-marks Act
2015-09-28 Nice Classification
1995-03-15 Amendments to Trademark Applications
2010-12-22 Amendments to Trademark Applications Requested Prior to Examination
1994-02-23 Amendments under Subsection 40(3)
1998-07-15 Certification Marks - Compliance with Paragraph 30(f)
2010-12-22 Colour Claims: Pantone
2003-08-06 Compliance with Paragraph 30(a) of the Trade-marks Act - Pharmaceuticals
1999-09-01 Compliance with Paragraph 30(a) - Containers
1999-09-01 Compliance with Section 4 and Paragraph 30(a) Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Services
1998-07-15 Compliance with Section 30(a) - Beverages - Telecommunication Equipment and Telecommunication Services
1999-03-10 Compliance with Paragraph 30(h) - Marks in a Special Form
1999-04-14 Compliance with Section 30(a) - Programs - Data Transmission Services
1999-04-14 Compliance with Section 30(a) - Training Apparatus
2017-05-10 Correspondence Procedures
1998-02-04 Declaration of Use - Significant Substantive Reasons
2010-10-26 Descriptiveness and abbreviations, acronyms or initials
1999-09-01 Descriptiveness and Terms Such as .com, .ca, .fr, .uk & .us
2007-08-15 Disclaimers
2009-06-17 Discontinuance of courtesy letters for co-pending confusing trademarks
1999-06-02 Electronic Indices
1997-05-21 Electronic Register
2003-04-23 Electronic Trademarks Journal
2005-05-19 Entitlement - Confusing Marks
1999-03-10 Extension Fee
2009-06-17 Extension of the deadline for responding to examination reports
2010-01-11 Extensions of Time in Examination
1998-07-15 Extensions of Time to File a Declaration of Use
2009-04-20 Fee Payment: General Authorization to Charge a Deficiency
2009-04-20 Fee Payment Practice of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office
2000-10-04 Improving Data Quality - Trademark Applications
1984-10-17 Intervention by Third Parties Prior to Advertisement
2011-01-21 List of Trademark Agents & Register of Patent Agents
1996-04-24 New Administrative Policy with Respect to Licences
2009-08-13 No time limit to respond to correspondence from the Trademarks Office with respect to transfers
1982-02-10 Notice - Specific Date of First Use
1998-02-04 Notice of Allowance Reminder
2007-08-22 Official Marks pursuant Sub-paragraph 9(1)(n)(iii)
2001-09-24 Official Notice : Payment of Fees
2000-08-16 Paragraph 12 (1)(a) of the Act - Name or Surname
2005-02-16 Paragraph 12(1)(b): "Sounded" Test Applied to Composite Marks Which Include Words That Are the Dominant Feature of the Mark
1991-08-07 Partial Declaration of Use - Goods / Services
1989-07-19 Partnerships
1985-01-02 Partnerships and Joint Ventures
2009-03-31 Practice in Trademark Opposition Proceedings
2002-11-06 Practice Notice - Corrections
2010-09-02 Priority Claims
1999-03-10 Procedures at Time of Filing
2010-10-26 Professional Designations and their initials — Paragraph 12(1)(b) of the Trade-marks Act
2011-12-14 Prohibited marks on the Canadian Trademarks Database
1995-03-15 Proof Sheets Attached to Filing Acknowledgements
2009-05-20 Publishing of Practice Notices
2014-05-07 Renewal
2013-06-14 Requests for Expedited Examination
2009-09-14 Section 45 Proceedings
1987-04-08 Security Agreements
2008-01-23 Service of Documents on the Registrar of Trademarks
1993-11-03 Subsection 16(2) Claims - New Administrative Policy
1999-04-14 Telephone & Radio Communication Compliance with Paragraph 30(a)
2000-12-06 Three-dimensional Marks
2012-03-28 Trademark consisting of a sound
1985-01-02 Trademarks Office Requirements with Respect to Section 12(2) Evidence
2010-06-03 Trademarks Practice Notice regarding "persons"
2001-12-05 Transfers and/or Change of Name
2003-03-19 Vienna Classification Now in Use for Canadian Trademarks
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