IP Asset management

Find out how you can protect and finance your intellectual property (IP).


Services and information

Protect your innovation

Learn how to protect your innovation.

Protect your creation

Learn how to protect your creation.

Protect your brand

Learn how to protect your marketing investment.

Finance and loans

Are you seeking financing for your IP? These options are worth exploring!

Why IP matters

Whether your business is large or small, it is important to take stock of your IP assets and develop a strong IP strategy.

Stand out from your competitors

Learn about the competitive advantages of protecting and exploiting your IP.

Identifying your IP assets

Your assets can be protected through IP rights known as patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and trade secrets.

IP Toolbox

Customize, create or add to your existing IP kit with these handy tools, resources and wide-ranging informational material.

IP for exporting businesses

Registering IP in Canada provides protection only in Canada. Similar protection must also be sought in targeted export markets.

Plan your IP strategy

Generate a tailored guide with information on what to consider when developing your IP strategy.

IP valuation

Learn about assessing the monetary value of your IP assets.

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Learn about the five main types of intellectual property rights.

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