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Become a registered trademark agent

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

To become a registered trademark agent, you must pass the qualifying examination. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) holds the examination at least once a year.

If you are interested in taking it, you must apply by the deadline published on our website.


If you want to take the examination, you must show CIPO how you meet the qualifications set out in section 16 of the Trademarks Regulations.

You can apply by fax, mail or electronically by creating a Patent General Correspondence. We will not accept your application if you send it by email.


Send your request to sit for the exam, proof of how you meet the qualifications, any requests for special accommodation, the prescribed examination fee and the CIPO Fee form

by fax to 819-953-CIPO (2476) or
by mail addressed to:

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Registrar of Trademarks
Place du Portage l
50 Victoria Street
Gatineau QC K1A 0C9


Submit your application and pay electronically by creating a Patent General Correspondence by following these steps:

  1. Create an account or connect to an existing account
  2. Create a General Correspondence – Patent
  3. Information – Step 1
    • In the field Title of Invention, write: Trademark agent qualifying examination
    • Fill the mandatory fields
  4. Attachments – Step 2
    • In the Comments box, write: Trademark agent qualifying examination
    • Attach: the registration form, the proof of how you meet the qualification and any requests for special accommodations.
  5. Comments – Step 3
    • Write: Trademark agent qualifying examination
  6. Fees – Step 4
    • Add the prescribed examination fee: Part 2 – Patent Agents – Trademark agent qualifying examination
  7. Pay electronically
  8. You will receive a payment confirmation and an electronic transaction confirmation.

Deadlines and important dates

Please note the following dates may be subject to change. The examining board is carefully monitoring COVID-19 for any new developments relating to its impacts.

Deadlines and important dates
Date Event

Deadline to apply for 2020 trademark agent qualifying examination

Deadline to submit special accommodation request

Admission letters are communicated to candidates by mail

2020 trademark agent qualifying examination

Result letters are communicated to candidates by mail

Deadline to request examination materials for consultation and review

Examination materials are communicated to candidates by e-mail

Deadline to request examination review to the Examination Board

Review result letters are communicated to candidates by mail


A candidate for the examination will only be given a refund if the candidate has, subsequent to the time the examination was applied for, received notification that the candidate has passed a previous examination and requests the refund within 30 days of receipt of that notification.

Furthermore, pursuant to section 12 of the Trademarks Regulations, on request made no later than three years after the day on which a fee is paid, the Registrar must refund any overpayment of the fee.


Reports on previous trademark agent qualifying examinations


For enquiries relating to the administration of the patent agent and trademark agent examinations, please email

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