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Fees – Integrated Circuit Topographies

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Check fees for filing an application, transferring an interest and for other services.

fee adjustment: On , the fee for the filing of an application for registration of a topography will decrease by 0.2%, in accordance with the Service Fees Act. Note that not all fees are subject to the annual adjustment.

As a result, the amount shown in the Tariff of Fees of the Integrated Circuit Topography Regulations (the Regulations) may not be up-to-date.

Fee adjustments – what fee do I pay?

The fee amount that you must pay for the filing of an application for the registration of a topography depends on the date on which the fee is received by the Registrar of Topographies, not the date on which the service was originally requested.

For all fees subject to an annual adjustment:

For example, if you file an application before January 1 but a filing date cannot be granted because the prescribed fee was not paid, the amount you need to pay will depend on the date on which the Registrar of Topographies receives the payment. If the payment is received after January 1, you will need to pay the adjusted fee for the new year.

List of fees

Below are the up-to-date fee amounts.

Filing an application
Amending an application
Registering a transfer or licence
Amending or making a new entry in the register
Amending a certificate of registration or issuing a new certificate
Provision of copies
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