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MOPOP Revision History

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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MOPOP Updates

The Manual of Patent Office Practice (MOPOP) is maintained to ensure that it reflects the latest developments in the Canadian patent laws and practices.

Recent reviews

List of all notable changes since June 2016
Version Changes Published date

The MOPOP has been revised to reflect the amended Patent Act and the new Patent Rules following the implementation of the PLT and to introduce more information on administrative procedures at the Patent Office.

April 2018 update to 1998 edition

Changes to chapters 1-3, 13, 17 and 23 to improve clarity and to include additional information relating to: the recent Patent Notice on Correspondence Procedures, the Patent Examination Interview Service, the presentation of sequence listings, and examination of multiple co-pending applications for reissue for the same patent.

April 2018
November 2017 update to 1998 edition

New chapter 12 and new sections in chapter 17 concerning medical diagnostic methods and kits and packages

November 2017
September 2017 update to 1998 edition

Removal of all references to "representative" to reflect a recent change to the Patent Act in which section 29 was repealed. Affects several sections in various chapters.

September 2017
April 2017 update to 1998 edition

Changes to a few office procedures as well as changes to formatting in several sections of various chapters

April 2017
January 2017 update to 1998 edition

Changes to sections 17.07 and 17.08 to reflect antibody practice

January 2017
June 2016 update to 1998 edition

Changes to formatting and terminology as well as changes to improve clarity in several sections of several chapters

June 2016

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