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Criteria for Hyperlinking

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

CIPO's Web site aims to deliver information and services that are relevant to users and applicable to its mandate and that of the Government of Canada (GoC). CIPO attempts to ensure that the process and criteria are objective, bias-free, and based on relevant considerations. The following criteria will be used to determine the suitability of links to and from the CIPO Web site.

Acceptable linking practices

Generally, we encourage third parties to link to our site. Therefore, permission to do so is not necessary. We do however ask that the following linking practices be respected:

General parameters governing linking
CIPO reserves the right to refuse to post a link, to refuse to renew a link, or to terminate an existing link without prior notice due to non-compliance with the criteria mentioned or for any other appropriate reason which may include, but is not restricted to site navigation or content problems, or frequent client complaints.

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