Template: Amendment of a Registration otherwise than to Extend the Statement of Goods or Services

To: The Registrar of Trade-marks
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

1. (a).........., the registered owner of the trademark registered under No.......... on (b).......... applies, in accordance with the Trade-marks Act, to have the following amendment(s) made to the register in respect of such trademark: (c)

Instructions for Form 6.

(a) Insert the name of the registered owner as it appears on the register unless the application is one for an amendment to change that name or correct an error in it. In such case, insert here the name as it will appear after the change or correction.

(b) Give the date of the registration.

(c) Set out here the amendment or amendments, desired so far as authorized by subsection 41(1) of the Act. If the desired amendment is or includes an extension of the statement of goods, Form 7 rather than this form must be used.

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