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Add name to list of trademark agents

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Complete this form to request the addition of your name to the list of trademark agents.

How to access this form

  1. The application form is located on a secure server on Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's website.

    If you are a new client, you must create a username and password with Industry Canada. The Industry Canada username creation page is located on a secure server on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada site.

    Returning clients who need to update their Industry Canada registration, or who have forgotten their username or password should visit Industry Canada registration.

  2. For deposit account set-up, please consult the page deposit account.

    For other information/assistance you may call CIPO Client Service Centre.

Future Correspondence

You may choose to have the Office documents returned to you by e-mail.

System Requirements and Information

You should review our system requirements and information summary to ensure you have the required software.



Request To Enter A Name On The List Of Trademark Agents
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