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From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Can a patent agent help?

A patent agent has special training in preparing and following a patent application through the entire patent process. This process is often called “prosecuting a patent”.

A patent agent can help you write your patent application and help you correspond with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO’s) Patent Office. The more you know about what patents are, the more you will be able to help your patent agent write a thorough and accurate description of your invention. Remember, no one knows more about your invention than you do.

Consult our list of registered patent agents.

The Patent Office and CIPO

The Patent Office is part of CIPO. CIPO administers Canada’s intellectual property laws and gives information to Canadians about intellectual property. This helps support and promote economic development.

CIPO also gives Canadians the tools they need to search Canadian and foreign patent documents. We also have a search room that you can use while you are researching patents and other records.

The Patent Office receives and examines your applications for patents. We grant patents for applicants that qualify. When we are asked to, we also record when a patent is sold or assigned to another person.

The Patent Office is located in Gatineau, Quebec. For more information, contact CIPO.

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