Filing Canadian patent applications

Follow the step-by-step process to file your Canadian patent application.

1. Before you apply

If you have not already done so, we suggest that you do the following before you start your application:

Please note that you cannot use the form below to file a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Patent Application. For an international application, see the instructions on the PCT e-filing page.

2. Your application must contain:

  • the name and address of the applicant or your patent agent
  • documents in TIFF or PDF format (including abstract, claims to the invention and drawings when applicable) describing the invention
  • biological sequence listings (when applicable) in PDF or TIFF and in ASCII
  • the filing fee and signed small entity declaration, if applicable
  • a formal petition (a petition will be automatically generated once you complete the application form)

3. Access the application form (mandatory login)

To create a new username and password or update your existing registration, go to My Industry Canada Account.

4. Complete an application

Create a new Canadian Application for Patent

Load a saved Canadian Application for Patent

Enter file name to load or use Browse to select file

Our website does not save your application. You need to save it to your own computer.

To help you send your application electronically, our form lets you enter the data and attach the abstract, disclosure, claims, drawings and other documents. An instruction letter and a petition will be automatically generated once you finish your data entry.

Technical problems?

Complete the technical problem report form.

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