Fee payment form

To better protect your financial information, we recommend that you download, complete and print the fee payment form (PDF: 98 KB; 3 pages) for all payments you make to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) by fax, mail or in person.

For online payments, see the e-services/e-payment section.

Before you finish the form, please read this information:


  • You must pay all fees in Canadian currency.
  • You need Adobe Reader 8 for the PDF form to work properly. You can download it for free from Adobe.

How to fill in the form

  • To replenish your CIPO deposit account, complete sections 1 and 2.
  • To pay a fee, please enter the required information into sections 1 and 3.

Section 1: Contact information for method of payment

Enter all the required information. Note that some laws restrict who can communicate with CIPO. Therefore, you should clearly state the name of your firm. For more information, see the applicable legislation.

Section 2: Replenishing a CIPO deposit account

To replenish your CIPO deposit account, enter your CIPO deposit account number.

Section 2.1: Method of payment

  1. Select your method of payment.
    Note: Credit cards cannot be used to replenish your CIPO deposit account.
  2. Enter the amount.

Section 3: Make a fee payment

Section 3.1: Type of fee

Check one box only indicating the type of fee.

Section 3.2: Application/registration/patent number

Fill in this section only if you have an application/registration/patent number and/or an existing client reference number.

Application/registration/patent number
  • If your payment is for an application, enter the application number.
  • If your intellectual property is already registered, enter the registration number.
  • If your payment is for a previously issued patent, enter the patent number.
Client reference number

Include the reference number from your firm. Add this number in any covering letters as well.

Purpose of payment

Describe what your payment is for. For information about our fees, please refer to the product lines payments and fees.

Listing attached

If you are sending the form with a large package and a list of what is inside, check the “Listing Attached” box. Note: You cannot include all fee payments on a listing (see applicable legislation and regulations).

Section 3.3: Method of payment

 Select your “Method of Payment” and complete the required fields. Enter the amount you are paying.

  • CIPO deposit account: Enter the CIPO deposit account number.
  • Cheque/money order: Enter the cheque or money order serial/reference number in the “Reference Number” field.
  • Wire transfer: No additional fields are required. Simply check the appropriate box and attach the relevant information.
  • Debit card (in person only): No additional fields are required. Simply check the appropriate box and attach the relevant information.
  • Credit card: Enter all necessary credit card information, including the payment amount to be charged to your credit card. CIPO cannot process credit card payments without all the required information (such as credit card number, name of cardholder, expiry date and card identification number). For MasterCard or VISA, the card identification number (also called the card verification value) is the three-digit number located on the back of the card, while American Express cards have a four-digit number on the front of the card.

Section 3.4: Alternate method of payment (optional)

In the event that a second method of payment is required to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the full payment, complete section 3.4. You must use either a credit card or your CIPO deposit account.

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