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Patents general correspondence form

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

This page explains how to correspond with or send documents to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) if you are filing a patent application or communicating with us about a patent.

For applications and patents related to section 20 of the Patent Act (items of national security), follow the necessary steps to correspond with CIPO.

If you are already familiar with this process:

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What you can submit using the general correspondence form

You can electronically submit the following:

There are specific requirements in the Patent Rules regarding who can communicate with the Patent Office with respect to patent applications and patents for certain actions. See chapter 5 of the Manual of Patent Office Practice for additional information on representation.

Document format

Documents must be provided in either TIFF or PDF, with the exception of biological sequence listings, which can be provided only in ASCII format. Biological sequence listings submitted under the Patent Rules in force prior to June 2, 2007, however, must also be provided in either TIFF or PDF.

Submit general correspondence

Review our system and browser requirements to make sure you have the right software.

To access the general correspondence form, you need an Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) account.

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After you submit

Once you complete the general correspondence form, we will automatically create a letter for you addressed to the Commissioner of Patents.

CIPO will send all further national correspondence according to your preference (email or regular mail). When your correspondence relates to applications for patents that are not yet open to public inspection, you may wish to request that future correspondence be sent by regular mail.

Please advise us if you change your email address so that all future correspondence can reach the proper destination.

Contact CIPO

PCT outgoing correspondence will continue to be sent by mail.

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