Expedite your patent application

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Are you looking for ways to expedite the examination process for your patent application?

There are different ways to process a patent application faster.

3 options to expedite patent examination

  1. Advanced examination for green technologies
    Faster patent application processing for technologies that help resolve or mitigate environmental impacts or conserve the natural environment and resources.

  2. Advanced examination under a special order
    Faster patent application processing if the regular patent approval process time is likely to prejudice the applicant's or a third party's rights.

  3. Accelerated examination under the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
    Fast track the examination process if you already have a corresponding patent application or grant with one of Canada's PPH partners.

How long does it take on average to get a patent grant?

A patent grant is a complex process. It generally takes longer to get a patent grant when compared to other forms of intellectual property (IP) rights. On average, it takes roughly 6.5 years from filing to get a patent grant from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

Why should I expedite a patent application?

While the lengthy timeline to obtain a patent may work for many business objectives, there are instances where expedited patent examination may be the appropriate strategy, such as:

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