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I Introduction

I.1 General Information

The Trademarks Examination Manual ("this Manual") is designed to serve the needs of the Trademarks Office, specifically, staff in the Examination Section as well as the needs of the public. The Trademarks Office, a branch of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), is the official government body which receives and processes all applications submitted both by individuals and companies who wish to register their trademarks.

This Manual incorporates the interpretation of provisions of the Trade-marks Act and the Trade-marks Regulations by the Courts and should therefore reduce the time needed to process applications by clarifying the statutory guidelines necessary to examine them. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, its use should result in more consistent decision making.

This Manual is also a reference guide for applicants and agents on how examiners will interpret and apply the provisions of the Trade-marks Act and Regulations.

It should be noted that this Manual is a guide only and is not binding on the Trademarks Office. This Manual is in no way intended to replace the Trade-marks Act and Regulations. In the case of any inconsistency between this Manual and the legislation, the Trade-marks Act and Regulations must be followed.

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